Hands to Feet Pose for Beginners

Hands to Feet Pose

The first posture in Bikram Yoga is Half Moon, Backbend, with Hands to Feet. The hands to feet forward bend in this posture will loosen up your lower back and allow for a deep stretch in the hamstrings.  After a regular practice of a few months, bending down to pick up a box or even just touching your toes will be a piece of cake!

Pro tip:  In Hands to Feet (Padahastasana) if your lower back is tight, it is recommended to bend your needs as you go down and continue with your knees bent to create a compression between the upper and lower body (that famous Japanese Ham Sandwich).  
Once your lower back has loosened up and you are more flexible, you can begin to go down with straight legs (as in version two in the video) and eventually lock your knees.

Watch this short video on two versions of
Hands to Feet Pose.

Padahastasana Check out two variations on how to do Hands to Feet Pose.

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