Why Summer is the Ideal Time for Bikram Hot Yoga


You probably know already from practicing Bikram Yoga that by the end of class you’re dripping in sweat. Sweating facilitates the cleansing of internal organs, muscles and glands. During the warmer summer months people tend to get sluggish, by practicing Bikram Yoga, you become energized and detoxified.

Acclimate to summer’s heat

Bodies become more adapted to sweating and to temperature extremes over time. This is one way yoga can ease our extreme reactions to external temperatures. Many practitioners are able to step out of their studio and not feel bothered by the heat outside. Little by little, you might even notice that you don’t need to use the air-conditioning as much, or that you’re less sensitive to sweltering weather.

Stay hydrated

During any hot spell, it’s essential to maintain good hydration. And most heated yoga practitioners know that drinking fluids is essential, even off the mat. Whether you’re losing a lot of water from a sweaty yoga session or just from being outside in the heat, you need to be mindful about hydrating and eating water-rich foods. Avoid sodium and alcohol when possible and if you’re already careful about staying hydrated from your Bikram practice, you will likely maintain that habit throughout your day.

Cope with your environment

Hands down, a Bikram Yoga class is the perfect training ground for coping with excessive heat.  For instance, when your yoga practice gets somewhat too hot, you may learn how to listen to your body and adjust to the environment. This can involve slowing down your breath or taking a break,  or simply knowing when you’re ready to take a few sips of water.

Maintain your practice

There’s nothing better than walking into a heated yoga room after a chilly winter day. But after months and months of dedicated practice during the colder months, it doesn’t make sense to take a long month hiatus during the summer. For many seasoned yogis, the practice is an integral part of your daily rhythm. If you suddenly stop practicing, your daily routine would be very different, thus  f you’ve been working hard all winter and spring, avoid letting summer put a damper on all the hard work you’ve accomplished.

Warm up faster in class

After a long day at work likely sitting down at a desk, your first forward bend in class is full of stiffness. Hot summer temps and high humidity can actually help loosen up muscles and joints before you hit the mat, and make warming up at the beginning of class that much easier. If you’ve been working on back bending in Camel Pose, summer’s heat just might be the answer to going deeper.

Prepare your body for other activities

After months of staying indoors, there’s no better time than summer to enjoy a jog in the park, long bike ride, or a relaxing walk at the beach, even in the heat. If someone is engaged in outdoor physical activities, having the familiarity of moving in hot room eases you into doing outdoor sports when it’s hot.  So if you’re dreaming of training for a marathon in August or playing a lighthearted game of baseball with the family, a session of sweaty yoga will probably lessen the shock of being active in the heat.

donna antonelli