How Yoga offers a New Perspective

How Yoga Offers a New Perspective on Life

Yoga gives you the opportunity to change your attitude for yourself through your practice; not just through observing or through reading, but through actual practice. The more you learn to surrender in poses like Camel (Ustrasana), the more you may learn to surrender to the flow of life. For instance, focusing on the breath during Standing Head to Knee (Dandayamana Jhanushirasana) allows you to notice if you hold your breath in an argument with your partner.

The experiences we cultivate on the yoga mat often can highlight our responses to challenges in life.  One example is if we always exit a posture early such as in Triangle (Trikonasana), it may demonstrate how we avoid difficult situations and make a fast exit when things get tough.  By being aware of this tendency and committing to a regular practice, we choose to confront difficulties instead of running away from them.  Therefore, we are in various ways developing a more positive attitude towards not only the yoga pose, but to others and to our overall outlook on life.  The yoga mat and how we react to difficult situations is a mirror for our lives and allows for self-awareness.

It is also notable, that by regularly nourishing the body and cultivating gratitude for what the body overcomes in intense physical postures, we train ourselves to experience being grateful for the abundance of positivity and joy we have in our lives. 

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