Emmy Cleaves, the Doyenne of Bikram Yoga

Emmy Cleaves (center), yoga studio owner Donna Antonelli, and the Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach teaching staff after her class on Sept 2, 2017.

Emmy S. Cleaves has been a Bikram Yoga teacher for more than 40 years and has been the Principal of the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Program for nearly that long. She has delivered Bikram Yoga seminars worldwide and taught both Bikram Beginning Yoga and Bikram Advanced Yoga along with her seminars.

Emmy is known for her ability to correct and adjust the practitioner asana form. At the age of 90 (*2018) she is a living example of the benefits of being a lifelong yoga practitioner. In addition to teaching and delivering seminars, on several occasions Emmy has been a distinguished judge in the World Yoga Championships. 

Emmy was recently featured in the documentary film Lives Well Lived.