What is a 30 Day Challenge?

What is a 30 Day Challenge and Why you Should do One!

A 30 Day Yoga Challenge is simply the practice of attending 30 classes in 30 days.  The ideal way to participate in the Challenge is to attend one class daily, but if a day is missed you can attend two classes on an another day.

What are the benefits?   

By practicing daily, yogis are able to acclimate to the environment more quickly, create a daily habit, efficiently improve flexibility and strength, and reset the mind through a meditative routine.  Although some days will be more difficult than others, the physical and mental challenges can facilitate the fortitude of mind and body that come with a vigorous yoga practice.  

By the end of the 30 days, you will feel renewed and you will have overcome obstacles both physically and emotionally that will reinforce your inner strength. The goal of a 30 Day Challenge is thus to jumpstart a beginner practice or to reinvigorate an existing practice.  When the Challenge is completed, yogis are encouraged to continue practicing regularly with a healthy and balanced attitude.

How do I Sign Up?

See our schedule of classes and check the online store to join our next Challenge beginning on October 1, 2018. We will track your progress with a daily chart in the studio lobby.


Unlimited Members can join at no extra fee.  See us in studio.


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