Is this the Real Deal? Original Hot Yoga Association

What is the Original Hot Yoga Association?

The Original Hot Yoga Association or OHYA is a community alliance dedicated to moving the Original Hot Yoga community into the future.  The mission of the Original Hot Yoga Association is the preserve and promote the therapeutic practice of Original Hot Yoga by creating and upholding standards and resources for studios, teachers, classes, and trainings. The association of studios and teachers is an authority and destination to find authentic Original Hot Yoga Studios throughout the world.  The board of credentialed teachers and owners vet studios to ensure they are meeting the highest of standards, and allows yoga enthusiasts to discover REAL Original Hot Yoga with appropriately-trained instructors and traditional Bikram Method, and Ghosh-lineage classes.  Students can look for the OHYA “Studio Partner” seal when searching for Bikram Yoga, also known as The Original Hot Yoga.

In addition to the directory of credentialed studios, the Original Hot Yoga Association is also a source to help teachers find appropriate continuing education workshops, for studios to find licensed teachers, and for students who wish to become certified in the traditional method of yoga. The OHYA site (and app) provides a teacher directory, teacher-related events, and also lists vetted and approved 26 & 2 Bikram Method teacher trainings. The teacher trainings listed are all proven to properly train students in the traditional 26 & 2 method; this is extremely important for those who wish to actually teach the method in certified studios and for those who want to properly learn the lineage and posture mechanics from a Bikram Method-credentialed staff of instructors.

Visit the site: to learn more and to find the Original Hot Yoga worldwide.

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