(ORIGINAL Hot 90, 60 & 75 min.)

Our daily lives can lead to unnecessary stress and a feeling of disconnection. This all-levels yoga class can counter some of the negative influences that we can regularly encounter in our lives. Expect a challenging class that promotes both physical and mental benefits. You will leave feeling grounded, with a deep level of contentment.

This set sequence of scientifically-proven yoga poses is excellent for beginners and seasoned students alike. You can easily moderate the intensity level to suit your needs and the exact nature of the instruction always offers new experiences and an opportunity for meditation.

We recommend students come as often as 5 times per week in the first 30 days to get acclimated to the class and so you can feel the amazing benefits. Regular class times are the traditional 90 minutes, select times are modified to Hot Yoga 60 or 75 minutes, consult our schedule and book your first class!

This class is all-level and if you are brand new we recommend you take Bikram Yoga for your first class.



Bikram Hot Yoga Music is a 60 minute sweat session led to a fun playlist. All 26 postures are completed in this class with the instructor leading the demonstration of each posture. All levels welcome!


This class is based on the Beginning Series Bikram Yoga Class. For each of the 26 Bikram postures, students can perform the traditional posture or they have the option to try 2-5 posture variations in the 2nd set. This class is for all levels, set to music and is BEGINNER FRIENDLY!


This class combines Pilates exercises with low-impact, high intensity interval training. The pilates exercises work your core and get your heart rate elevated for cardiovascular benefits. The class is practiced in a moderately heated room. There is no impact on the joints and students may work at their own comfort level. IHP is Suitable for all levels and is IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS!


This one hour flow class (non heated) is dynamic and challenging, yet accessible to all levels of practitioner. Sacred Geometry focuses on breath working in tandem with movement and gives students a chance to access new areas in their body.


Yin Yoga is a 60 minute, warm (not heated) class which consists of long-held deep-release stretching poses. This class is designed to help you access areas of the body such up hips, back, shoulders, and hamstrings which tend to hold tension. Great for injuries and tight muscles! All levels welcome!