Welcome to YOGA HB

Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach.

Our mission is to offer ultra high-quality Bikram Yoga and fitness led by highly-skilled instructors so we may inspire optimum health and wellness in our community. We believe in frequency of practice and precision in posture so we may experience the intense healing benefits of Bikram Yoga.

Our vision is to create a vast community of compassionate friends focused on being healthy and happy.

We specialize in traditional Bikram Hot Yoga and we also offer Inferno Hot Pilates, Heated Vinyasa (Hot Flow & Sacred Geometry), Yin Yoga, and private Thai Stretching Massage. Bikram Yoga (Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class) is a beginners class, perfect for brand new students and seasoned students alike.

Why practice Bikram Yoga? Our daily lives can lead to unnecessary stress and a feeling of disconnection. Bikram Yoga is an all-levels yoga class that can ease some of the negative influences that we may regularly encounter in our lives. Expect a challenging class that promotes both physical and mental benefits. You will leave feeling grounded, with a deep level of contentment.

This set sequence of scientifically-proven yoga poses is excellent for beginners and seasoned students alike. You can easily moderate the intensity level to suit your needs and the exact nature of the instruction always offers new experiences and an opportunity for meditation.

Who can do Hot Bikram Method Yoga? Anyone, any age, any level. Heal injuries, relieve stress, sleep better, lose weight, and feel healthy.

Who can do Inferno Hot Pilates? Anyone, any age, any level. Get toned, lose weight, have fun, and feel healthy.

Choose a class time from our schedule and arrive 15 minutes before class time.

Reservations are not required, but you may save time by purchasing our New Student Intro Pass prior to your first class.

Prepare for your First Class:

Welcome, New Students!

Welcome, New Students!


Check in with your I.D. at the front desk upon arrival and be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your first class to get set up. Arrive on time as we close the doors when class begins.

Wear clothing or swimwear in which you are comfortable moving and sweating.

Bring plain water, a mat, and a large towel. We also rent these at the studio and we sell drinks.

Avoid eating a heavy meal for a few hours before class (light snacks or fruit should likely be fine). Come hydrated to class.

Enjoy your class.

Enjoy your class.


Plan to stay for the entire class time.

Take breaks and sit down as needed during class.

Drink water as needed during class time.

Enjoy your class and come back tomorrow!

**Please note that for the privacy of our students, front doors are closed during class and latecomers will not be admitted.

**Students must check in with the front desk upon arrival at the studio.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Stay hydrated and eat well after class.

Schedule your next visit as soon as possible, within 24-48 hours.

Come back tomorrow!

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