Over 4 years I ago, I had a back injury at work. I was in pain and couldn’t perform my duties. I had two different doctors recommend back surgery. Fortunately for me I found Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach and now I’m back at work and doing Standing Bow Pose!”.
— Michelle, student since 2014
I broke my leg in 2016 and after a year of poor diet and no exercise, I had gained weight, which was depressing and debilitating. I decided to try Bikram Yoga and couldn’t be more pleased! In 3 months I lost over 20 pounds and I can touch my toes again. My body feels great and the increased flexibility had benefited my entire wellbeing. Thank you!
— Ryan,student since 2013
My first noticeable physical effect from doing Bikram yoga was an increase in flexibility and muscle tone. Also, I no longer have constant lower back pain. After 1 year of practice, I noticed I did not have severe seasonal allergies anymore.
Mentally, Bikram Yoga makes me a more positive person, and helps me get through tough situations.
I am grateful for the opportunities to practice yoga in this studio because all of the teachers are very helpful and sincere. Also, I made so many wonderful yoga friends who care about me.
— Tomoko, student since 2013